"Awesome staff and oh so friendly!!!"
SFC Linda Roof   Leipsic, OH   (Weekly Tenant)

"You guys are super!."
SPC Andrea Weber   Muskegon, MI

"I like living here alot!! It's a very quiet environment. If there is anything needed tending to in home, You guys are on it immediately. The staff is awesome". 
SPC Dale Kennedy   Ashtabula, OH   (Long Term Tenant)


"Happy Acres "Freakin' Rocks!" we wouldnt live anywhere else."
Mrs Anna Williams and SPC Nick WIlliams  Gunnison, CO   (Long Term Tenant)

"Freaking Love It! Best place I've lived in Hinevillehands down." 
Aaron Endel   ex-military Just got out of the Army   (Long Term Tenant)

"Happy Acres is the best place to live!! The Management is awesome!!! "
Rayshaun Brodie   Texas   (Long Term Tenant)

"Happy Acres is a great place to live for many reasons. It is very close to Ft Stewart and there is many shopping areas.The staff are friendly and helpful. It is very affordable and much more reasonable than a hotel. Most importantly, it is quiet. One will not find a more peaceful place to live. I would highly recommend Happy Acres to anyone looking for housing in Hinesville GA".
David Aridizzone   (Weekly Tenant)

"It's really quiet and a very cool place to live!"
SPC Clark   Southern, MI   (Long Term Tenant)

"I love living here. I wouldnt live anywhere else! The staff, they are great. It's very quiet.A
I love the laundry facility."
SPC Felicia Avila  Modesto, CA   (Long Term Tenant)

"Great Mangement. You all are laid back easily approachable. Very nice living conditions."
Officer Jeffery LUI Hinesville Police Department   Hinesville, GA   (Long Term Tenant)